Former Deputy Peza’s Money Laundering Case Sent to Serious Crimes Court

The case of former deputy Alfred Peza’s wealth will now be treated by the Serious Crimes Court. Until September 9, when Peza still held the post of deputy, his case was treated by the High Court. But now that this court has declared its incompetence because Peza is no longer a “special subject,” his dossier will be sent to the Serious Crimes Court.

Peza has been accused for hiding income, money laundering, and non-declaration of assets.

The investigation of the former Socialist deputy and journalist started in January, when the media revealed that his wife had bought stocks in Credins Bank at a value of 1.13 billion lekë. The High Inspectorate of the Declaration and Control of Wealth and Conflict of Interest (ILDKPKI) immediately started a control.

Peza, however, claimed that the money had been saved over the years and had no relation to his function as Socialist deputy.