From: Exit News
Former KLA Leaders Appeal Court Refusal of Interim Releases

Former leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) facing war crimes charges in a Kosovo court located in The Hague have appealed refusals by a pre-trial judge of their interim releases.

The President of the Specialist Chambers, Ekaterina Trendafilova assigned a Court of Appeals panel consisting of Judges Michèle Picard, Kai Ambos and Nina Jørgensen to decide on the appeals, the court announced on Friday.

They were refused interim release on January 22 on grounds of risk of fleeing, influencing witnesses and engaging in criminal activity.

Veseli appealed the court’s decision on February 1, followed by the other three appeals two days later.

In a separate decision by the court this week, Judge Nicolas Guillou ordered the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office to file its pre-trial brief in the case of former KLA commander Salih Mustafa, as well as the lists of witnesses and proposed exhibits by 15 February 2021.