Former Socialist Party MPs Çuko and Ndoka released from jail

The two former SP MPs, Arben Çuko and Arben Ndoka, who were arrested three weeks ago, were released from jail today after the ruling of the Serious Crimes Appeal Court.

The judicial body headed by Judge Sokol Binaj eased Çuko and Ndoka’s “arrest and detention” security measure to “house arrest”.

Arben Çuko, a former MP and General Director of Prisons, was arrested on 21 October, 2018, accused of “passive corruption” while he was the General Director of Prisons. He is suspected of accepting bribes in return of approving leaves for convicts. Çuko’s name is also mentioned in wiretaps of the Avdyli gang members.

Arben Ndoka was arrested on 21 October, 2018, accused of forging documents and illegal property ownership in Lezha. His brother, Xhevahir Ndoka, was also arrested on the same day as part of the Avdylaj gang from Shijak.

Both Çuko and Ndoka were detected through the police wiretapping of the Avdylaj brothers’ gang from Shijak, several members of which were arrested in the same police operation.