Fusha Shpk Win Tender to Reconstruct the Pyramid of Tirana

The connsortium of the companies Fusha and Edil-Al, two of the closest companies to the government has won the tender of the Municipality of Tirana to completely reconstruct the Pyramid.

The municipality announced the winner on Friday among eight other bidders.

The bid of Fusha shpk and Edil Al was the lowest: about EUR 10 million when the tender limit fund was about EUR 13.5 million.

Other companies in the race were Alb-Star and StarTek, Gener 2 and KAEXH, Salillari and GPG, Mane TCI and Inerti.

As Exit News has previously written, the selection criteria drafted by the municipality was somewhat subjective and appeared to restrict competition.

It is noteworthy that the main selection criterion of the tender, which was that the competing companies have previously performed similar work at 50 per cent of the fund for the construction of the pyramid, ie about € 7 million, do not meet any of the two winning companies.

If “similar projects” were to be interpreted as socio-cultural objects, then an object worth at least € 7 million, in the last three years, neither the company Fusha nor Edil-al meets this criterion.

Together with about 40 other tenders of the Municipality of Tirana, Fusha shpk has won over EUR 65 million in tenders.