Galeria e Bregdetit: Exhibition Showcasing Work of Southern Albanian Contemporary Artists

A new exhibition has opened at the Galeria e Bregdetit in Radhime. Running until 2 August, it showcases the world of three artists from the South of Albania- Ledia Kostandini, Theo Napoloni, and Sead Kazanxhiu.

Having spent the most part of their lives living in the 30-years of transition from Communism, their work is punctuated by bright colours, odes to culture lost, and complex topics such as poverty, discrimination, and the erasing of identity. 

“Artifacts of the urban landscape and not only, are observed with special attention through the decontextualization of these objects, highlighting the irony of the often absurd situations that this period has produced, but also a melancholy for a lifestyle that very soon risks being extinguished,” said the curator of the event Elian Stefa.

Fantastic exhibition at @galeria.e.bregdetit at @picassoradhime if you're passing through Radhime, it's worth a stop to have a look! @ Radhimë, Vlorë, Albania

Gepostet von The Balkanista am Samstag, 11. Juli 2020

Stefa’s idea was to create an art space in a remote location by the sea, that would provide a new pilgrimage point for contemporary art. Completely independent, Galleria e Bregdetit runs an off-season summer programme and offers a truly unique space that transitions the dynamics between nature and human space. Each year, the gallery offers 1-2 shows, showcasing work from some of the countries best contemporary artists.

This exhibition is a cacophony of colour, intrigue, and imagery that confuses, delights, and provokes thought and reflection. The pieces on display invite you to take a closer look, enabling the discovery of details that you would otherwise miss with a single glance. The exhibition is a reflection of the artist’s perception of society, and it’s an accurate one at that. Each image will resonate with visitors on some level, whether they have just passed through an Albanian city at one time, or call this country home.

About the artists

Theo Napoloni was born in Korce in 1981. He studied at the art school Tefta Tashko Koco before graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. He currently lives between Korce, Durres, and Tirana.

Ledia Kostandini was born in 1983 in Pogradec. Now based in Tirana, she is a graduate of the University of Arts. Her work encompasses a range of different mediums including photography, collage, painting, installation, and illustration. She has exhibited work locally and abroad including Berlin, Paris, and Graz. Her work is colourful and at times surreal but reflects social and urban transformations and the loss of culture in our surroundings.

Sead Kazanxhiu is a visual artist from Fier. Born in 1987, he trained as a painter at the University of Arts in Tirana. He comes from a family of ethnic Roma, something that profoundly shaped his childhood years where he was raised in an environment sensitive to cultural and social inequalities. His work reflects issues of prejudice, exclusion, discrimination and racism.

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