From: Exit News
German MP Urges Albanian Parties to Work Constructively on Constitutional Changes

German SCU MP Peter Beyer has welcomed the adopted changes to the Electoral Code and urged political parties in Albania to work together constructively and responsibly on proposals for further changes to the Constitution and Electoral Code.

On Thursday, the Albanian parliament adopted changes to the Electoral Code agreed on June 5 between the majority, extra-parliamentary opposition and parliamentary opposition.

However, the ruling Socialist Party and the parliamentary opposition are set to bring more changes to the Electoral Code and the Constitution despite the refusal by the opposition outside parliament.

They plan to change party candidate lists from closed ones tightly controlled by party leaders, to partially open lists. A second amendment planned involves the changing of pre-electoral coalitions from separate lists for each party to a single candidate list for the whole coalition.

The extra-parliamentary opposition says these changes violate their agreement of June 5.

Ambassadors of the EU, US, OSCE, Germany, UK praised the adoption of amendments today in parliament and called for inclusion and transparency in possible successive changes.