From: Die Morina van Uijtregt
Germany Offers €72.1 Million To Kosovo for Bilateral Development Cooperation

The government negotiations between Kosovo and Germany for the period of 2020- 2021 were concluded on Wednesday, where the German Government provided 72.1 million euros for bilateral development cooperation.

Kosovo’s Ministry of Finance announced that 12.2 million of this amount are for technical assistance and 59.9 million for financial assistance.

“In the next two years, Germany will focus these investments on supporting sustainable economic development, the European integration reform process, and on investments in energy and energy efficiency,” a statement issued from the Ministry of Finance says.

According this statement, the German Ambassador to Kosovo, Jörn Rohde empathized that his country is the largest donor and foreign investor in Kosovo.

“Germany will continue to support Kosovo on its path of reforms that make it suitable for a future in the European Union,” Rohde is quoted.

Rohde added that Germany will continue to invest in sustainable economic development in Kosovo, focusing on supporting vocational education and business development.

Minister of Finance of Kosovo, Hykmete Bajrami praised the continuous cooperation and welcomed new commitments of the German Government for Kosovo.

“The Government of Kosovo is working towards the transformation of the economy and the building of institutions in line with the requirements of the European Union,” she stressed.

Bajrami added that the support of the German Government through key infrastructure projects has a huge impact on improving the quality of life for the citizens of our country.

Since 1999, the German Government has invested more than 660 million euros in Kosovo’s development, and over the past 22 years has continuously contributed to improving the lives of Kosovo citizens, including assistance in combating the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry says.