From: Exit Staff
Germany Urges EU Member States to Approve Start of Talks with Albania, N. Macedonia

German Minister for Europe Michael Roth called on EU member states to approve the start of EU negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia.

Speaking at a news conference of the German EU presidency on Tuesday, Roth said that it is in the interest of the EU to approve the start of negotiations with the to Balkan countries before the end of the year.

“I hope that all colleagues from the member states become aware of this interest, and are ready to make progress in making the decision to start negotiations,” Roth called on his European counterparts.

“The accession process should not be held hostage to the demands of individual member states,” Roth stressed before today’s meeting of the EU foreign ministers.

Bulgaria has previously threatened that it may block the start of talks with North Macedonia on grounds of the latter’s identity and language. The Netherlands has expressed scepticism regarding the start of talks with Albania.