Government Opens Arbër Highway Tender

The government has announced the tender for the Arbër highway project that would connect Tirana with Bulqiza and eventually Macedonia.

In April, the government received an unsolicited offer of Gjoka Konstruksion to build the road for €250 million financed through a private–public partnership. From the total of  €250 million, €190 million would be invested by the company and €60 million co-financed by the state. The company would take care of the maintenance of the road and tunnel for 10 years, and in return have the right to levy a toll on the highway of €4 per car.

If Gjoka wants to earn back its investment, this means that at least 13,000 cars per day will have to use the road for ten years after it has been finished.

Gjoka received a 10% bonus in the tender competition, which has a maximum budget equal to the budget proposed by the company. There thus seems little doubt that Gjoka Konstruksion will indeed win this competition.