From: Exit News
Government Orders Mandatory Self-Quarantine for Anyone Coming from Italy and Greece

All travelers coming to Albania from Italy and Greece must undergo mandatory self-quarantine. Failing to obey will incur a €5000 fine.

Prime Minister Rama announced this government measure today at noon. He warned that as of tomorrow armed police forces would take to the streets to conduct inspections. The police will set up checkpoints to inspect vehicles and make sure people who have arrived from the aforementioned countries within the last 14 days are not circulating in public.

Rama asked Albanians to respect the government’s instructions, to decrease contact with other people as much as possible, and stay indoors. He called for solidarity and discipline.

The drastic new measures came at the heels of Albania’s first coronavirus death. A 73 year old woman succumbed to the virus today, after spending the last week in a Durrës hospital. It is suspected that she may have infected at least 5 other people.