Government Sets Up Albania’s Team for EU Accession Talks 

The government has set up Albania’s team for EU accession negotiations, Acting Foreign Minister Genc Cakaj announced.

The team includes “rare experts” with the “necessary professionalism and integrity”, Cakaj stated, without revealing who they are. He called on all political parties to support them.

The move comes a few days after President Ilir Meta presented a platform aimed at bringing together political parties in issues related to the EU’s conditions on Albania before the eventual start of negotiations.

One of the 14-point points suggested by Meta was for the negotiating team leader to be appointed by consensus. The government has already appointed Mr Zef Mazi, a career diplomat, without consulting the opposition. 

In March, EU leaders endorsed the opening of EU accession negotiation with Albania and North Macedonia. However, they put a list of conditions for Albania to meet before sitting at the negotiations table, many of which are included in the President’s platform.