Government Will Tax, But Not Legalize

The Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Ministry of Justice have published an executive order stating that the real estate tax will be levied on both legalized and unlegalized buildings.

In order 234, dated September 10, 2018, the two ministries agree to develop a database of the real estate tax including information on real estate that is registered, in the process of legalization, or illegal.

This means that even families whose properties are not officially registered, or who continue to await the return of their properties confiscated by the communist dictatorship, and who can therefore be at any moment expropriated by the government, still have to pay taxes on them to the Albanian state.

Meanwhile, the government of Prime Minister Edi Rama unilaterally suspended “indefinitely” all legalization processes of properties along the Albanian coast line, which is an illegal obstruction of the proper implementation of Albanian property law.

It thus appears that the Rama government wants to have its cake and eat it to: taxation, but no legalization!