From: Exit Staff
Grenell Accuses Kurti of Anti-Americanism over Refusal to Support Hoti’s Commitments at the White House

Richard Grenell has accused Kosovo opposition leader Albin Kurti of anti-americanism, following his refusal to support the deal signed by prime minister Avdullah Hoti at the White House.

Kurti stated that his party does not recognize and will not implement commitments made by the current prime minister. He stressed that mediators should refrain from pushing unprincipled deals, not democratically supported.

In return, Grenell accused Kurti of being always against the United States, including the Obama and Bush administrations. 

Grenell, who is President Donald Trump’s envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, was the leading figure to push for a deal to be signed at the White house between the two countries.

Serbia refused to sign an agreement with Kosovo, but it agreed to sign separate documents in the form of pledges made to the United States for the so-called normalization of economic ties.

The largest party in Kosovo, opposition’s Vetevendosje denounced the document signed by Hoti as anti-constitutional, and called it “a treason” against Kosovo made in total lack of transparency.

Vetevendosje claimed that Serbia gets all benefits from the possible implementation of pledges, while Kosovo just gets Israel’s recognition, which they claim is not related to any kind of normalization between Kosovo and Serbia.

Kurti said that the Oval Office ceremony was a stunt for President Trump’s reelection campaign.