From: Exit Staff
Guidelines on Home Quarantine for Those Infected with COVID-19

The UK National Health System has published a guide for all those people diagnosed with coronavirus who are being treated at home. These tips serve to prevent the patient from spreading the virus to healthy people.

1— Stay home

Whether you have mild or more serious symptoms, you must stay at home from the moment the symptoms appear. Staying at home protects against the spread of the virus.

2— Isolate yourself inside the house

Stay in a room separate from the rest of the home, or separate from other family members. The room should have windows because air circulation reduces the level of virus concentration in the air inside the room.

If you are not able to stay in a separate room, you should stay 3 meters away from other members. This can be difficult when you are in contact with young, elderly or sick children.

Use separate cups, plates, spoons, forks, towels, special sheets. Do not drink from the same glass or bottle.

If you have a yard, you can only go out if you are 2 meters away from other family members. 

3 – Take water and painkillers 

Drink as much water as possible. You can use medications, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, to treat some of the symptoms.

4 – Maintain personal hygiene

Disinfect the room where you are staying and any objects you touch with your hands.

Personal waste should be placed in two garbage bags, tightly closed and placed separately from other waste, in the room where you are isolated. Keep separate for at least 72 hours before throwing in the general trash.

When washing dirty clothes, do not shake them – this minimizes the possibility of the virus spreading in the air. The dirty clothes of the sick person should be washed separately.

Wash your hands often throughout the day with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer. This is the most effective step in reducing the risk of infection to yourself and others.