Head of National Inspectorate for the Protection of the Territory Threatens MP Shehaj

Today, the head of the National Inspectorate for the Protection of the Territory (IKMT), Fatmir Meta, threatened Democratic Party MP Agron Shehaj. Shehaj, alongside MP Nada Meçorapja, were headed for Jala, in order to support the locals who had opposed the demolition of their homes by IKMT.

In a video recording, Shehaj asks the head of IKMT to present the order for the demolition of these buildings. However, Meta refuses to make the IKMT verdict public, claiming that he had presented the document to the attorney of the locals. Find the recording below:

Vazhdon terrori i policisë kundër popullit të pambrojtur.Mbi 10 të arrestuar (përfshirë një 14 vjeçare?) në Jalë midis qytetarëve që protestojnë kundër prishjes së banesave në mënyrë arbitrare nga Qeveria.

Posted by Agron Shehaj on Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Fatmir Meta’s and the police’s violent behavior towards MP Shahaj and the citizens of Jala was condemned by PD leader Lulzim Basha. In a press statement, he said:

Edi Rama sent numerous police officers to Jala to steal its precious land. The intervention was violent, illegal, and even resulted in the arrest of minors.

According to the locals’ testimonies, the land will go into the ownership of the Ministry of Defense, to then transform into a property of friends of Rama.

The owners of the buildings, mainly service ones, claimed that they had not been preemptively warned about this action. Some of the buildings, that were used as vacation homes, were filled with tourist at the time when the IKMT attempted to demolish them. The owners of the buildings attempted to stop the demolition vehicles, but the police intervened to stop them from doing so.

The company Edil-Al, one of the companies closest to Prime Minister Rama, is planning on building a residential complex in Jala, on a 45 thousand square meters area, where 4100 square meters would constitute villas, and 2200 square meters a hotel.

It seems that this action to demolish buildings in order to free up space near the seashore, so that this will in turn be used by Edil-Al.