High Court Will Judge Peza Case

The High Court will take over the case against PS deputy Alfred Peza for hiding income, money laundering, and not declaring his wealth. Peza’s was sent to the High Court today by the General Prosecution.

The investigation into Peza’s finances started in January, when it became public that Peza’s wife had bought shares in Credins Bank at a value of 113 million lekë.

The High Inspectorate of the Declaration and Control of Wealth and Conflict of Interest (ILDKPKI) immediately started an administrative investigation.

Peza himself continues to claim that the money was “saved” by himself and his wife and had no relation with his function in Parliament.

In April, the Serious Crimes Court ordered the confiscation of the Credins Bank shares bought by Peza’s wife.

Peza’s defense attorney declared to be convinced about his client’s victory, while Peza himself has refrained from making any public statements about the source of his wealth.