Higher Education Plagued by Corruption, Report Finds

According to the report “Corruption in Higher Education” published by the NGO Qendresa Qytetare, 90% of students in the higher education system consider the level of corruption to by high. 80% of the students think that corruption exists in their university.

The results of a questionnaire answered by 248 students of all levels within the higher education system show that corruption is a widespread problem in universities around the country and that students have very little faith in the government’s fight against it.

The main finds of the study are as follows:

  • 70% of students report that corruption is present in their department;
  • 67% has heard about corruption cases from friends or family;
  • 25% report that they have been affected by corruption in their department or faculty;
  • 40% state that they would report cases of corruption, while 20% state that they wouldn’t;
  • 39% report that reported cases are not punished by the university authorities

As regards the types of corruption present in higher education, students report payments in exchange for higher grades as the most common form, widespread among the different universities and faculties. Second is the practice in which professors force students to buy their books. Both the academic staff and the administration are involved in corruption.

So far, the Ministry of Education and Sports has not responded to the report’s findings.