From: Exit Staff
Interior Minister Say’s he Won’t Resign

Interior Minister Sander Lleshaj will not resign to leave the Rama government.

Talking to journalist Sokol Balla, on Thursday evening, Lleshaj said:

“As long as it is in my will, I will be the Minister of Interior and the indicators on the ground do not convince me of anything else.”

Lleshaj said that he thinks he is doing a good job of ensuring order and security in the country:

“Today I lead a ministry that can come up with the most positive indicators for order and security.”

In August, Lleshaj said during a ceremony with the Eagles police task force in Vlore that he would not serve as Minister once his current term is up.

His Ministry has come under increasing pressure in recent weeks following a speight of murders, assassinations,  and a car bomb attack in the centre of Tirana. Additionally, the head of the police Operation Force of Law Artan Shkembin was suspended after it was alleged he fed sensitive investigative information to a gang of drug traffickers in Italy.