From: Exit Staff
International Democrat Union Calls for Dialogue to Solve Political Crisis in Albania

The International Democrat Union (IDU) adopted in Washington the European People’s Party’s (EPP) resolution on the “deep political crisis” in Albania. The union urged for a quick solution to the crisis through political dialogue. They called on parties to complete the electoral reform based on OSCE/OHIHR recommendations that could lead the country to free and fair elections.

IDU is an international alliance of centrist to center-right political parties from 63 different countries chaired by Stephen Harper, former prime minister of Canada. The Democratic Party of Albania is also a member of IDU.

The EPP resolution addressed a total 10 points, including the “recurring phenomenon of people with criminal records running for office or being appointed to public functions” and the need for “timely and successful prosecution of all culprits including politicians, officials and criminal gangs associated with vote-buying and additional electoral crimes during the elections.”

The resolution called vote buying actions and the involvement of organized crime in elections “unacceptable”.

It also urged Albania to swiftly establish specialized structures to combat corruption and organized crime and to initiate criminal proceedings against members of the judiciary accused of punishable behavior.

In terms of the Constitutional Court, the resolution expressed the urgent need for Albania to ensure its proper functioning by equipping it with judges so a prompt final decision on the legitimacy of the 30 June local elections can be reached.

The cultivation of cannabis was also addressed, with the note that there is a need for a “solid track record in the fight against mass cultivation and trafficking of cannabis, drug trafficking, and money laundering.”

They called on the government to announce proactive investigations, prosecutions, and convictions for corruption and organized crime, including implicated politicians and high-ranking officials.

Lastly, the center and center-right parties expressed their support for “the Democratic Party of Albania in its efforts to address the legitimate concerns and European aspirations of the people of Albania.”