Kavaja Local Elections – Who Are the Candidates?

According to the McAllister+ agreement, the local elections in Kavaja that were canceled on May 7, will be held on the same day as the general elections, on June 25.

A few days ago, the Central Election Commission (KQZ) approved May 26 as the final deadline for the registration of candidates for Mayor of the Municipality of Kavaja.

The candidates

The Socialist Party (PS) has changed its candidate at the last moment. For the elections of May 7 the PS proposed Klodian Shehi, whereas for the June 25 elections its has fielded Dorian Murati. Murati was previously the director of ALUIZNI in Kavaja, and is currently the director of the OShEE.

The Democratic Party (PD) has proposed Isa Sakja as its candidate. He is currently the regional chairman of the PD in Kavaja.

The Socialist Movement for Integration has only decided recently to participate in the elections, and has proposed Maksim Kona, a 59-old engineer. Kona has been working between Kavaja and Italy for years.

The 2015 election results

During the local elections of 2015, Elvis Rroshi of the left-wing coalition ran against Ëngjell Care of the right-wing coalition. 26,778 votes were cast, around 44% of the registered voters.

In spite of his criminal past, Rroshi won with 63.6% of the votes.

In December 2016, the KQZ stripped Rroshi of his mandate after it turned out he had lied on his decriminalization self-declaration form about his criminal past. New elections were announced after the Constitutional Court rejected Rroshi’s appeal.