KED Completes Evaluation of Candidates to Constitutional Court and High Justice Inspectorate

The Justice Appointments Council (KED) completed the evaluation of all candidacies to the Constitutional Court and High Justice Inspectorate (ILD).

Yesterday, the KED approved Marsida Xhaferllari, candidate to the Constitutional Court and ILD.

Earlier this week, the KED excluded EURALIUS expert Klodian Rado from the candidate list for the ILD. On July 30, his candidacy to the Constitutional Court was also rejected, in both cases as a result of failing to meet the 15 years experience as legal expert. Rado recently issued a questionable legal opinion to the High Judicial Council concerning the High Court. His proposal was partially adopted to deal with emergency cases.

Below are the lists of the approved candidates to both justice institutions:

Constitutional Court

1-Arta Vorpsi

2-Besnik Muçi

3-Elsa Toska

4-Fiona Papajorgji

5-Marsida Xhaferrllari

6-Regleta Panajoti

High Justice Inspectorate

1-Artur Malaj

2-Artur Metani

3-Eris Hysi

4-Marsida Xhaferllari

The Constitution stipulates that the KED should reopen the call for applications to the single seat at the ILD in case less than 5 candidacies are approved. This means that the forming of ILD will incur further delays, while the Constitution prescribes its forming in March 2017.

As we have predicted before, the remaining 6 candidates to the 9 seats at the Constitutional Court also pose a threat for this court’s quorum not to be met. Constitutional Court sessions require a quorum of 6 judges.