KLA Veterans Protest Kosovo Special Court on War Crimes

Veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) have protested today against the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office following war crime indictments brought against President Hashim Thaci and others.

The protest took place in capital Pristina and other cities throughout Kosovo under the motto “In defense of the liberation war”, with 99 veterans protesting in each city due to pandemic restrictions.

KLA UCK Protest

Speakers slammed the announcement of indictments on the day Thaci was traveling to a peace summit. They accused the court of being politically motivated in their decision and influenced by third parties.  

They also requested that the court investigate all crimes committed during the war in Kosovo, not only alleged crimes by KLA members.

ThaciVeseli and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama have claimed that indictments against individuals will harm the legacy of KLA war and Kosovo’s statehood.

The President has vowed to resign if he is charged. On Monday, he is expected to be interviewed by prosecutors in The Hague.