Kosovo Albanian Teacher Bullied Online After Posting Videos of Traditional Dancing

A Kosovo Albanian biology teacher has been submitted to high levels of online abuse and harassment after posting videos of himself dancing to traditional songs was posted on social media site Tik Tok.

Lulzim Paci from the town of Vushtrri, received an influx of hateful comments and jokes after posting the videos of him dancing to Albanian folk songs. In a tearful interview with Koha, Paci explained that the harassment has been so intense he told his brother to deny they are related and to say they are cousins instead.

One of his critics was Vetevendosje MP Fjolla Ujkani who called for action to be taken against him for “improper and degenerate acts” which she said contravened his duty to instill values in young people. It is unclear how dancing to traditional music, which many Albanians learn at school, would contravene this.

Ujkani did however apologise via her Facebook account but doubled down on her comments that she was trying to preserve the “credibility” of the school, which she had attended.

Other critics said as a teacher, he should not be using social media in this way.

As a response to the online bullying, many famous Albanian individuals have started posting videos of themselves dancing, under the hashtag #ProfAChallenge. They include Dafina Zeqiri, Adriana Matoshi, and Monika Kryemadhi.

Albanian traditional dancing is a source of great pride for Albanians. Each region of Albania and countries with Albanian populations has its own variations in terms of steps and music.