From: Exit News
Kosovo Defends Israel’s Response, Condemns Hamas for Firing Rockets

The Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs had defended Israel’s right to defend itself against rockets fired by Hamas.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s government condemned Hamas for โ€œholding Palestinian civilians hostage in its warโ€, in a statement published on Twitter.

It follows a message of gratitude to 25 countries, including Kosovo and Albania, by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for their support of Israel in the latest escalation of deadly violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

Hamas is designated a terrorist organization by the EU, US and several other countries.

Palestinians have reported 145 people killed since Monday, 41 of them children; Israel has reported 10 people killed, 2 of them children, according to Reuters.

Kosovo and Israel established diplomatic ties in February 2021, following Israelโ€™s recognition of the Western Balkan country after President Donald Trumpโ€™s deal brokered between Serbia and Kosovo to normalize their economic relations.