From: Die Morina
Kosovo Did Not Suspend Work Towards International Organizations Memberships

During an interpellation regarding the one-year moratorium of Kosovo’s application for membership in international organizations, Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti said they have not paused preparations.

“Despite the agreement [signed at the White House] to suspend for one year the application to international organizations, we are not suspending our work for the preparations for memberships in international organizations,” Hoti said.

“On the contrary, we are continuing full coordination with all partners and with our main partner the USA to ensure that our applications to international organizations do not fail as it happened in the past but result in acceptance and strengthening of our international subjectivity “, Hoti added.

The interpellation was called from the opposition Vetevendosje’s MP Fitore Pacolli, who stated that to sit with Serbia, Prime Minister Hoti suspended the statehood of Kosovo.

“Kosovo is a small country and its membership in organizations creates space for extending its influence around the world, membership in organizations is recognition of Kosovo by countries that have not recognized it yet,” Pacolli said.

Enver Hoxhaj MP from the other opposition Kosovo Democratic Party, cited an article published by Prishtina- based newspaper Koha Ditore, claiming they saw a document which reads the government is drafting a circular requesting the withdrawal of applications to international organizations.

“If it is true that in the framework of the implementation of the Washington agreement we have a strategy for not applying to international organizations and we talk about this topic as we talked two months ago, I think it is something serious about the way how Government assesses itself but also how the Government ignores the fate of an independent state”, Hoxhaj who also was Minister of Foreign Affairs said.

One of the points of the document that Kosovo and Serbia separately signed at the White House in September reads that “Kosovo will agree to implement a one- year moratorium seeking new memberships into International Organizations”.