From: Bledar Qalliu
Kosovo Police Attacked Again Near Border with Serbia 

A Kosovo border police car was ambushed with firearms on Tuesday morning near Serb-majority town of Zubin Potok, close to the border with Serbia.

None of the police officers inside the car was injured, according to the media release by the Kosovo police. Police presence in the area has increased and Investigations are ongoing.

On Tuesday, the Belgrade-controlled Lista Srpska political party of Kosovo Serbs condemned today’s attack in Zubin Potok.

“This incident aims to destabilize the situation, but it is also an attempt to present Serbs as thugs, which is not true,” they stated in a press release, while calling on Kosovo Serbs “not to fall prey to provocations”.

This is the fifth attack within a few days against Kosovo border police. The previous ones included a hand grenade thrown at police, an attack with assault rifles, road devices to damage car tires, and rocks thrown at police cars.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti had stated the previous attacks originated in Serbia, and the government called them “terrorist acts”.

“Serbia’s aim at this point is not to attack Kosovo but to destabilize it,” Minister of Interior Xhelal Svecla had stated.

The latest attack comes amidst a visit in Kosovo and Serbia by US Assistant State Secretary Karen Donfried, who is pushing for the two countries to reengage in a dialogue aimed at mutual recognition.  

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