Kosovo President Interviewed for Six Hours by War Crime Prosecutors in The Hague 

Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi’s interview with the Specialist Prosecutors in The Hague has ended after six hours.

He is indicted for war crimes by the Specialist Chambers in The Hague, a court created by the Kosovo Parliament, strongly supported by Thaçi . Charges against him have yet to be confirmed by a judge.   

He told journalists that the interview will continue tomorrow.

“Today I heard the exchanges between my lawyer and the prosecutors on technicalities, clarifications on technical issues, as well as the initial interest of prosecutors for the KLA [Kosovo Liberation Army], so it will continue tomorrow,” he said.

Upon arriving at the court on Monday, Thaçi found tens of Albanians rallying in his support and against indictments of KLA fighters.

They held banners reading: “Hashim is not simply a name – it is a symbol of an honorable epoch”, “Why should we respond for what we haven’t done, while the Serbian criminals haven’t responded for what they have done?”, “This is racism!” Other banners asked for justice for over 20,000 women raped by Serbian forces, and thousands of people who are still missing.

“I am here today to respect what I dreamed and fought for: a free, independent Kosovo based on equal rights, multiethnic society and rule of law. I am ready to face the new challenge and succeed for my son, my family, my people and my country. Nobody can rewrite the history. This is the price for freedom. I believe in peace, truth, reconciliation and justice. I believe in dialogue and good relations with all neighbors. Kosovo is a success story and I am very proud. Kosovo’s destination is [to become a] member of EU, NATO and eternal friendship with the United States,” Thaçi stated before entering the headquarters of the Specialist Chambers in The Hague on Monday.