Kosovo President to Be Interviewed in The Hague over War Crime Allegations

Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi will be interviewed in The Hague by the Kosovo Specialist Prosecution Office over war crimes allegations.

On Wednesday, Thaçi announced he is travelling to The Hague to be interviewed on Monday.

“In the last two decades, many members of the Kosovo Liberation Army have faced the international justice of UNMIK, ICTY, EULEX as well as Kosovo justice.

Kosovo, even though a victim, cooperated with international justice in dealing with allegations of war crimes.

In the last two years, many former co-combatants have been interviewed by the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, inside and outside of Kosovo,” he wrote on Facebook.

On June 24, the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office announced that they had indicted President Thaçi and other Kosovo Liberation Army veterans. Thaçi had to cancel his participation at a White House summit on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

Upon returning home from his aborted trip to Washington, D.C, he vowed to resign if charges against him were confirmed.

The President called on Kosovars for unity in facing challenges.

“Civic unity, inter-ethnic coexistence, institutional stability, trust in the institutions, are necessary for Kosovo to make its vision to be part of NATO, of the European Union and to maintain eternal friendship with the United States of America, a reality,” he concluded.