Kosovo Prime Minister Accuses Constitutional Court of Being Captured by ‘Old Regime’

Kosovo’s Acting Prime Minister has accused the Constitutional Court judges of being captured by the country’s powerful politicians of the “old regime”.

In an interview for Albania’s Report TV on Monday, Kurti stated that the court’s ruling that was published today, which approved President Hashim Thaci’s decision to sidestep Kosovo’s largest party in forming a new government, was unjust.

Thaci nominated Avdullah Hoti from LDK, the second largest party and Kurti’s junior coalition partner, as candidate for Prime Minister. LDK has formed a coalition with several other parties, including former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj’s AAK.  

Kurti added that his Vetevendosje party (LVV) will decide on their reaction to the court ruling in the coming days.       

“We need to deal with the Constitutional Court and its judges, who showed that they are the perfect example of Kosovo’s state capture by power abusers, who lost elections and got together against Vetevendosje [Kurti’s LVV party] to reinstate the old regime,” he stated.

Furthermore, Kurti firmly assured the audience that LVV will not allow any Kosovo-Serbia deal that would go against people’s will, including any deal that might involve land swap. He said they have been able to prevent similar deals for Kosovo in the past when they were less powerful, and that it would be much easier for them to do so now.