From: Exit Staff
Kosovo Receives First Batch of Vaccine Doses Donated by the EU

Kosovo received 4,680 Pfizer vaccine doses on Tuesday.

This supply is part of a total 95,000 doses donated by the European Union.

“Today’s delivery of 4,680 doses initiates the continuous supply of vaccines to Kosovo until the end of August. It will help to push the vaccination plan forward by vaccinating frontline medical workers and vulnerable groups,” reads a post by the Austrian Embassy to Prishtina on.

The country is yet to receive the allocated 100,800 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine through COVAX, of which it has received only 24,000 doses in a first and only shipment. The remaining supply should arrive by the end of May, while more than half of the doses already received have been administered to priority groups.

Hundreds of doctors from Kosovo received vaccines in Albania prior to the first supply arriving in Kosovo.

EU Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi is visiting the Balkans and delivering the first batches of vaccines funded by EU, a total of 651,000 doses. He will stay in Kosovo on Wednesday.

“We want to help the region to secure and to create the necessary resilience against the pandemic,” Várhelyi said on Monday.