From: Alice Taylor
Kosovo Serb Police Surrender Weapons as Serbia Issues Veiled Threats

Following the resignation of all ethnic Serbs from Kosovo’s parliament and institutions, Serb police officials surrendered their weapons and uniforms on Monday, while Serbian President Aleksander Vucic said a bloodbath was averted back in the summer.

Over the weekend, Serbs removed themselves from every official structure in the country in protest over the gradual rollout of a rule which will see every citizen with a car have to display Pristina-issued plates. This will impact some 10,000 vehicles owned by ethnic Serbs who refuse to replace their Serb plates from the Slobodan Milosevic era.

On Monday, some 300 officers surrendered their kits in stages throughout the day, along with 150 other law enforcement officials.

Meanwhile, Vucic spoke about events in June when the license plate rule was due to come into force but was postponed at the last minute following international pressure.

“That was a very difficult night; for the first time, I am saying it this way, that night, there could be unprecedented bloodshed, the Albanians were planning an invasion in the north, and the Serbs did not want to retreat. Everything was ready for this. I followed from the situation centre,” Vucic told Serbian media.

Pristina decided to postpone the decision until 31 October, and on this date, it was instead downgraded to a gradual rollout between November and April.

Vucic has accused Pristina of planning an “invasion” on several occasions but has yet to provide evidence. Pristina maintains it carried out police operations to combat drug, crypto, and smuggling rings involving Serbs and Albanians.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Albin Kurti said he is in constant contact with international security bodies to guarantee stability in Kosovo.

“The security situation in the Republic of Kosovo is endangered by various criminalised individuals and groups, and in this one year and eight months, while we have been in government, we have made the greatest progress in the fight against crime and corruption, especially in the economic aspect.”

As the ten deputies of parliament from the Serbian List formally resigned from their mandates on Monday, its leader Goran Rakic issued stern words against Kurti.

“If the US and the EU cannot put an end to Albin Kurti, then this is either their impotence or their silent consent.”