From: Exit News
Kosovo-Serbia Deal to Boost Regional Economy, Says Kosovo’s American Chamber of Commerce 

The Economic Normalization agreement between Kosovo and Serbia signed at the White House will bring new economic development opportunities for both countries and the region, according to the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.

In a statement on Saturday, the AmCham said the economy is expected to improve through increased economic exchange, job creation, new sources of financing and better utilization of natural resources.

Financial support from U.S. International Development Financial Corporation and EXIM Bank will enable investments in road and rail infrastructure, thus creating better connectivity between Kosovo and Serbia, as well as sea ports in the Adriatic, they stated.

The Mini-Schengen area will achieve full economic integration of the region, according to AmCham.

In addition, they also applauded the mutual recognition between Kosovo and Israel, which they expect to bring even more development in Kosovo – economically, academically and culturally.