From: Alice Taylor
Kosovo’s CoE Rapporteur Urges Respect for Rule of Law Admidst Ongoing Political and Health Crisis

Kosovo’s Rapporteur to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Peter Beyer has urged for political responsibility and respect for the rule of law in the country.

In a statement issued this morning, he said that the people of Kosovo have been hit hard by COVID-19 but that it is essential for the future of the country that checks and balances are upheld and secured.

“My sympathy goes especially to those who are directly affected by the crisis: health-wise, economically, and in the places hit hardest by the disease outbreak. I welcome in this respect recent examples of positive cross-community and cross-boundary co-ordination and the solidarity shown between leading medical professionals and officials, across ethnic and political divides.”

He continued:

“n this dramatic situation, it is essential for the future of Kosovo* and its people that checks and balances are upheld and secured. This especially applies to a fully-functioning Assembly and an independent constitutional court system.”

He urged all of those who are politically responsible in Kosovo, and those in the judiciary, to act exclusively with the interest of their citizens and in strict compliance with the Kosovo Constitution.

Beyer added he hopes everyone in Prishtina is solely guided by the rule of law and will ensure the principle of proportionality with regard to all measures deemed necessary to cope with the current pandemic and political crisis. He called on stakeholders to ensure compliance with the European Convention on Human rights, which are a part of Kosovo’s domestic legal system.