From: Die Morina
Kosovo’s Deputy Prime Minister Reacts to Serbian Government Oath

The First Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Besnik Tahiri reacted after yesterday’s swearing-in of the new Serbian government to Parliament.

Tahiri’s reaction comes after the Serb officials mentioned Kosovo in their oath.

“Members of Brnabic’s cabinet last night read the oath text which among other things says: “I swear allegiance to the Republic of Serbia […] responsibly and devotedly and I will commit myself to the preservation of Kosovo and Metohija,” Tahiri wrote on Facebook.

He added that it is big hypocrisy to demand dialogue on normalization of relations on one hand, and on the other to espouse “reckless statements inciting conflict!”

“One thing is clear, the Republic of Kosovo will never be preserved from Serbia and returned [to Serbia],” he wrote.

Tahiri added that he says to the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic and her 23 cabinet’s ministers that the Republic of Kosovo is protected by its people, the blood of martyrs, democratic institutions and its national and international right.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic stated that Kosovo is one of the biggest political challenges they face, as she was presenting the governmental program in the Parliament.

Shaip Kamberi an Albanian MP in the Serbian Parliament said on Wednesday that democracy in Serbia is worse than under former President Slobodan Milosevic.

In his speech in the constitutive session in parliament, Kamberi stated that the only opposition is the six MPs of the United Valley and SDA SANDZAK parliamentary group.

“We cannot vote for such a government and parliament speaker,” he said.