KQZ Files Charges against 76 Vote Counters

The Central Election Commission (KQZ) decided today to file criminal charges against 76 members of Vote Counting Groups responsible for the counting the votes of the June 25 general elections.

The 76 vote counters, which are proposed by the main political parties, are accused for the falsification of voting materials and the election results.

The KQZ discovered vote stealing “scheme” during the recounting of 64 ballot boxes from the County of Tirana, at the request of the PS and PDIU.

At the end of this process it appeared that: for 24 voting centers in the County of Tirana the result of the recount was different from the result obtained by the Vote Counting Groups (GNV). The members of the GNV that counted the votes for those centers have noted in the table of result a lower number of votes for several subjects and a larger number of votes for several other subjects, compared to the real number of votes that were found in the ballot vote.

The KQZ asked the prosecution to investigate the cases that were denounced and to hold the accused accountable for their actions. The KQZ called upon citizens who have proofs or reasonable suspicions about violations of the Electoral Code to submit them to the prosecution.