KQZ Refuses to Take Decision on Letter PS–LSI

The Central Election Commission (KQZ) refused to take a decision about the request of the PS and LSI to postpone the registration dates for political parties and electoral coalitions. In his closing speech KQZ chair Denar Biba stated that “after April 29,” the date when the final candidate lists need to be handed in, “these types of games will no longer be possible.” He finished by stating that

This request is completely sui generis and this commission is not obliged to take any decision about it.

During the session, the representative of the PS had argued that the letter was not a request of the PS and LSI to postpone the registration dates, but that it merely meant to elicit an opinion from the KQZ whether postponing these dates would threaten the elections.

As the KQZ has refused to formulate an official response to the letter there no longer appears to be a possibility for the PD register as party or for the PS and LSI to register as electoral coalition. This especially has severe consequences for the smaller parties in the (former) coalition, who will now face a much tougher race to win seats in Parliament.