From: Exit Staff
Kruja Ethnographic Museum to Gain €500,000 in EU Funding

The European Union is set to fund the restoration of the Ethnographic Museum in Kruja in a project worth some €500,000.

The news was announced by the EU Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca who visited the museum in Kruje. The area was damaged by the 2019 earthquake but has also suffered from a lack of investment over the years.

Soreca said that investments will be made with local tradesmen and craftspeople who want to work on restoring

“We have started works for the ethnographic museum. We will make this museum even more beautiful. It will be a grant of EUR 500 thousand from the EU, where the magnificent ceilings and all the murals in this institution will be restored. Through the EU program for culture, I have the opportunity to tell you that we will start opening proposals for local development grants, which are grants with a total figure of €350 thousand.”

He added that they are particularly interested in working with groups including women, young people, and those who are most vulnerable in society.

“We have our principle, to rebuild better together,” he added.

Prime Minister Edi Rama also attended the event and called on local people to get involved in the restoration process to help the economy and local tourism.

“This programme has tremendous potential. We will empower it year after year, to build the right models in the field of rural development,” he said, adding that together they are transforming the fall out of the earthquake crisis, into new opportunities.