From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Last Nights Earthquake was Aftershock of November 26

Last night at 21:15, a magnitude 4.9 earthquake rocked Tirana and Durres with an epicentre 3km from the village of Bubq.

It was followed by two aftershocks registering 4.2 and 3.1 on the Richter scale shortly after.

No casualties have been reported and minimal damage was observed as many buildings are still damaged from the November 26 quake that claimed 52 lives. Nonetheless, the shock sent citizens out into the streets and some spent their night in their cars due to fear.

Seismologist Rexhep Koci from the Institute of Geosciences has said that yesterday’s quakes were aftershocks of Novembers and that this is totally normal. He stated that further quakes could and should be expected but that these are to be expected and are unlikely to cause further damage.