From: Exit News
Lockdown to be Suspended for 8 Hours on Monday Morning Before Being Enforced Again

Prime Minister Edi Rama has said that the current lockdown will most likely continue after Sunday.

Via an announcement on Facebook, Rama said that between Sunday at midnight and 8 am on Monday, the lockdown will be lifted, giving those who are outside of the cities of Tirana and Durres a chance to return.

“Anyone who resides in Tirana / Durres and has left for a long weekend in Korça or elsewhere should make sure to enter the armoured perimeter of the access roads after midnight on Sunday and no later than 8 am. “

The Prime Minister pointed out that residents of Tirana and Durres who are currently “within the perimeter” should not leave the area because the perimeter is likely to be closed again, meaning it is unknown when they will be able to return.

Those wishing to travel to the airport or for an emergency are required to contact the police beforehand to provide them with the car registration number and other details.