From: Exit News
Macedonian Majority Strengthen Hold on Parliament with New Alliance

The parliamentary majority in North Macedonia has strengthened its position after reaching a coalition agreement with the Albanian Alliance Party. This is expected to secure them a safe majority and avoid snap elections.

The Albanian Party’s assembly voted in favor of joining the majority of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with their four members of parliament, leaving the opposition with only 56 MPs in the 120-seat parliament.

Three ministries and a number of agencies will be led by the Albanian party in the Macedonian government.

The Albanian MPs agreed to join upon a set of conditions, which include not raising the price of electricity, and launching international investigations for two criminal cases where a number of Albanians have been charged for murder and terrorism. The Albanian parties claim this latter was staged by secret services and falsely blamed on Albanians.

The parliament is expected to vote for a new government after Zaev resigned after a deep loss in local elections and after a coalition member joined the opposition.