From: Alice Taylor
Macedonian Prime Minister Does a U-Turn on Post-Electoral Resignation

After announcing his intention to resign following his party’s local election defeat, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has said he will stay on in his position until the situation in North Macedonia stabilises.

The decision came after a no-confidence motion was filed by opposition parties, including VMRO-DPMNE who won the most seats during the mayoral race. VMRO-DPMNE claimed they have secured enough votes to bring down the government and trigger a snap election.

North Macedonian Government to Face No Confidence Vote on Thursday

“I expect the democratic majority to stabilise, especially the majority that is for the EU, for a multiethnic society,” Zaev said, quoted by Reuters.

He added that it is important not to let the country go back to a past that is marred by quarrels both locally and internationally, especially in the context of the energy crisis and pandemic.

Zaev referred to the decision as a “temporary postponement” and an attempt to keep his Social Democrat government afloat.

“I sincerely expect that the democratic majority will stabilise,” he said.