From: Dilfirus Vrioni
March 8 – The Day for Women’s Rights!

“Too many women in too many countries speak the same language of silence.” – Anasuya Sengupta.

The legend of the origin March is related to the a textile workers’ protest in the year 1857, which in reality never occurred.

In fact, this day has its origins in early twentieth-century Europe, in the struggles and protests of women and workers or the right to vote, for better working conditions, and equality to men.

March 8 was declared International Women’s Day after the proposal of Clara Zetkin during the International Conference of Socialist Women in 1910.

This day started to be celebrated after the workers’ strike in Saint Petersburg in 1917. After 1945, International Women’s Day turned into a worldwide tradition.

March 8 is not a day for flowers and perfumes.

March 8 is the day that commemorates the struggles waged by women to have equal rights in the family, at work, and in society. It is a commemoration of the sacrifices of women for political equality.

March 8 is the day to reflect on the state of those rights today.

These rights are not respected and women are still often the victim of violence in all its forms, so March 8 is a crucial point in our current life.

The day of March 8 uis not the day when women are supposed to be happy about sales in shops.

Men, don’t give flowers on March 8; it’s not Valentine’s Day. It’s the day to express your solidarity.

Women, put a white ribbon on your jacket as a sign against men’s violence against women.

Protest for a world that respects a woman’s work, to refuse voluntary work, and to seek equal pay, Strike against voluntary work in the house, against the double working day for women. Demand a better division of work in the household. Put a broom outside your door as a reminder of those injustices.

Give a contribution to women who have been violated or to the organizations that help them.

Gather or march in public, the public spaces are yours.

Be active on this day on social networks with posts that bring the equality between men and women to everyone’s attention.

Take a day off, at least to better reflect on this day through conversations with friends.