MEP Fleckenstein: An Absolute Majority Poses No Risk to Democracy

In a response to the publication of the election report of the technical ministers, MEP Knut Fleckenstein stated that the final report of the OSCE-ODIHR will be leading in the international evaluation of the elections:

The report of the technical ministers will no necessarily have a negative influence on the integration of the country. More important is whether OSCE-ODIHR will have observed the same violation and if so, how the government deals with them.

Responding to a question whether the absolute majority of the Socialist Party in the new Parliament would pose a risk to democracy, MEP Fleckenstein said:

I have no doubt that the opposition parties will have a close look at the procedures and behaviors of the government. Of course they will inform the public about their observations and alternative approaches to running the government. An absolute majority is not a risk to democracy.

MEP Fleckenstein has perhaps forgotten that both in Poland and Hungary, the ruling parties have an absolute majority.