Meta Urges Tolerance toward Opposition

During a meeting with high party officials, LSI leader Ilir Meta invited Prime Minister Edi Rama to be more tolerant toward the requests of the opposition:

Today, the one who is more tolerant is more Albanian, and he who is more tolerant is stronger.

He advised Rama to actually invite the opposition for a dialogue, and not just formally:

He not only needs to invite [the opposition] formally for a dialogue, but also needs to be composed in order not to give the other side a cause [to leave the table].

Meta expressed his regret that until now there has been no concrete step to escape from the political crisis.

I am sorry that there has been no real movement in the direction of a solution, except the deadlines. The opposition hasn’t registered for the elections and every additional day without dialogue brings us closer to a conflict and crisis the effect of which no one can predict.

Previously, Meta had advocated a “government of trust,” but stops short of calling for Prime Minister Rama’s resignation:

I don’t say that Edi Rama has to resign as prime minister. When I say a government of trust it is that here there exists no actual, credible trust in free and fair elections.

Meta also criticized the attempts of foreign diplomats to create a “new opposition” consisting a smaller parties:

Diplomats aren’t angels. Their attempts are in contradiction with the values of the EU, which is in favor of political dialogue and not fake elections.