From: Exit Staff
Ministry of Health: No Coronavirus Cases in Albania

The Ministry of Health has refuted reports that coronavirus has been found in Albania.

Despite unverified reports that a woman had been diagnosed with the virus after returning from China 10 days ago, the Ministry clarified that she had influenza and her coronavirus results were negative.

“There are no students from China admitted the Infectious Disease Ward in Tirana. This rumour is regarding a woman who travelled from China 10 days ago, and after analysis, it resulted that she does not have coronavirus,” they said.

Meanwhile, preventative measures have been set up at Mother Theresa Airport in Rinas. Minister Ogerta Manastirliu said that:

“Measures have been taken at the port and the border crossings with medical teams and epidemiologists who are monitoring the situation and reporting in real-time on each case.”

She added that Albania has a high level of surveillance in place for severe respiratory and acute infections throughout the country. Apparently an early warning system is well established and functioning. The Institute of Public Health has a standardized lab for diagnosing the virus and staff have been trained accordingly.

Manastirliu said that Albania remains a low-risk country for coronavirus.