From: Exit Staff
Monkeypox Testing Kits Arrive in Albania

The first tests for monkeypox have arrived in Albania, although no cases have been confirmed to date.

As of 24 June, there were over 2000 confirmed cases of the virus in non-endemic countries, and one death.

Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu visited the testing laboratory at the Institute of Public Health where testing will take place.

“In the reference laboratory at the Institute of Public Health, we have already made it possible for the first 250 cases that may be suspected to have specific tests in this laboratory…we can test suspected cases and also suspected case contacts.” the minister said.

She added that by autumn, the lab will have a genome sequencer.

Manastirliu addressed the recent jump in COVID-19 numbers, adding that there could be a difficult autumn ahead.

“As the World Health Organization has warned, we will have an increase in cases. Autumn will certainly continue to have its challenges in relation to covid cases, in relation to new variants. But vaccination is the keyword. We will continue the vaccination process,”  she said.

Manastirliu added that mobile units are carrying out door-to-door vaccination as well as giving third doses.

“We have also approved the fourth dose,” she said.

However, the rate of vaccination is just 47% in Albania, far below the European average of 60%.