From: Exit Staff
Montenegrin President Hints at Coalition with Government

The President of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović could enter into ruling coalition with Dritan Abazovi, the head of the Civic Movement URA

According to him, this would be in the best interest of the country’s political stability.

The president made this statement on Tuesday, April 13th on the Montenegrin TV Show “Teleskopija”.

Since mid-August 2020, Montenegro has been perceived as being in a state of instability Djukanovic said, adding that he did not think the problem was only a change of government.

“This instability was produced by the new government’s policy, which hit the fundamental values of modern Montenegro and endangered its very character as a civil and secular state,” Djukanovic said.

The President assessed that the trust of NATO partners in Montenegro has also been shaken. He also assessed that the new government had experienced serious slaps from the EU.

“Today’s assessment of the security situation in Montenegro is more unfavorable than a year ago, but I believe that there are grounds for Montenegro to preserve stability,” Djukanovic said.

Djukanovic assessed that Montenegro has so far shown the capacity to preserve its independence, despite the malignant influences.

“I am absolutely convinced that we are able to protect the fundamental values ​​of Montenegrin society, I am absolutely determined to defend the achievements of modern Montenegro”.

I believe that this generation living in Montenegro has achieved its life’s work by restoring Montenegrin independence, which we are preserving “, said the President adding that Montenegro will not be stopped on the path of further development. 

Montenegro has been experiencing political turbulence ever since December last year when the DPS majority adopted a controversial Law on Religion, strongly opposed by the Serbian Orthodox Church, which invited its members to vote against DPS.

The Montenegrin parliament, in a repeat vote, passed on January 20 a crucial Law on Religious Freedoms which President Milo Djukanovic refused to sign.