From: Alice Taylor
Montenegro Celebrates First Same-Sex Marriage

Montenegro has celebrated its first same-sex marriage following legislation providing for it, being passed one year ago.

The marriage took place in the coastal resort of Budva between two young women. In 2020, Montenegro became the first country in the Western Balkans to legalize same-sex marriage.

A Budva Municipal official, Milijana Vukotic Jelusic said the marriage was between two Montenegrin citizens.

“We are glad that our municipality was able to be the first to apply the Law on Life Partnership and we wish happiness and a lot of love to the partners in their life together,” she told Montenegrin daily, Vijesti.

The new law not only allows marriage between same-sex individuals but it regulates financial support and division of property in the event of separation or divorce. It also gives couples the right to health and social security cover based on their partner and includes them in visits to hospitals or prisons.

No other country in the region allows for same-sex marriage or civil partnerships between same-sex couples, although there is growing pressure for them to do so.