From: Exit News
MP Hajdari: Two Main Opposition Parties Are Not Interested to Change the Electoral System

Today, co-chair of the Electoral Reform Committee MP Rudina Hajdari condemned the Democratic Party (PD) and the Socialist Movement of Integration (LSI) for refusing to accept the parliamentary opposition’s proposal to open up electoral MP candidate shortlists.

Following a meeting of the Political Council on Electoral Reform, Hajdari attacked the opposition by claiming it merely pays lip service to the idea of changing the system, without proposing any concrete changes or agreeing to the proposals put forth by the parliamentary opposition, under the excuse that there isn’t enough time to modify the electoral system.

Hajdari argued that open MP lists, that would allow voters to directly elect their representatives, are necessary in order for the people’s voice to be heard, as opposed to only the voice of party leaders. She claimed that, in the current system, MP shortlists are filled with party sycophants.

“Opposition parties that truly want change for the country,” Hajdari accused, “mustn’t only steal causes or go out in the squares and yell in vain.” 

Three days ago, the parliamentary opposition filed a proposal outlining four main changes in the electoral system at the Political Council on Electoral Reform.