From: Exit Staff
National Theatre Staff Demand Pay Rise

Employees of the Albanian National Theatre have written to Prime Minister Edi Rama to ask for a wage increase after their colleagues at the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet already received one.

While expressing joy that their colleagues’ salaries increased from 15 to 57%, the actors of the National Theater Troupe who have signed the request say that there is still no public explanation for their exclusion.

“If the salary and remuneration of those at the Opera increased, we should also increase to those standards. Our struggle will be through institutions. Most artists have signed because it affects human rights, artistic and human dignity”, said the actor Neritan Liçaj.

“We as actors and artistic troupe of the National Theater feel discriminated against or not valued equally with another national theatre which is the National Theater of Opera and Ballet,” said actor Naun Shundi.

“We are artistic and cultural entities that have the same national status as well. And here the prime minister makes a very big discrimination, and there is a discrimination between one institution and others”, said Liçaj.